Overall Structure


  • Tilitonse Secretariat: The programme is managed by a Malawian based Secretariat that reports to the Board.  The Board comprises of representatives of the funding partners and eminent Malawians. The Secretariat is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the facility, grant management and administration, providing technical support and capacity development to CSOs, commissioning research and identifying issues for strategic opportunities and coalition building. The Board on the other hand, is responsible for providing policy direction regarding the overall strategy and approval of grants recommended by the Secretariat.
  • Development Alternatives Inc. (DAI):   Previously known as HTSPE International, DAI is a merger between one of the UK’s leading management consultancy firms, HTSPE International and a global development company, Development Alternatives Inc. DAI is the management agent for the programme and is responsible for contractual issues with the development partners, pre-financing, managerial and financial oversight of the programme.
  • O & M Associates: DAI’s consortium partner is O & M Associates which provides local support in finance and administration of the Fund. O&M Associates is a Malawi based consultancy firm that provides expertise in financial management, training and capacity building, general management and information technology within Malawi and internationally.
  • ITAD:  Leads a consortium of partners that was appointed as an Independent Impact Evaluation Agency (IIEA) for the Programme and it is primarily responsible for the Impact and Outcome Evaluation of the Tilitonse Programme.  ITAD wworks in partnership with Kadale consultants and CADECO, both locally based organizations.  The principal responsibility of the IIEA is to conduct baselines on Tilitonse impact indicators and to measure changes against these. Further, the IIEA has a role in measuring outcome indicators and in the independent verification of output level data.
  • Grant Partners:  Beneficiaries of the Grants Facility that implement directly and/or provide sub-granting support to sub-grantees. Grant Partners are responsible for implementation of the approved projects in the targeted communities and reporting results achieved to the Secretariat. Grant Partners are responsible for complying with all requirements governing their grant agreements with Tilitonse.