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 CEPA Radio Discussions
Mining Review 18 May 2015
Mpata Discussion 14 June 2015 Kayerekera 20 June 2015

MHRCC Audio Training Materials for Police Training of Trainers
Analysis and Presentation of Exam Results Closing and Presentation of Certificates
Functions and Roles of Police Gender Issues (Theatre etc)
Gender Issues (Theatre etc 2) Hard Law and Soft Law
Key Principles of Democratic Policing 1 Key Principles of Democratic Policing 2
Methodologies Police and Public Partnerships
Police Ethics and Human Rights Public Order Stds and use of Force and Fire Arms

 Police Training of Trainers
•  PoliceTOT-S S O PART 5 Discipline Conduct And Compliments Application measuring and reporting results on PEA Public Order Powerpoint
Questions and Model Answers Role of Oversight Institutions S S O PART 11 General And Special Duties
Tact Option 2014 Tentative programme for the TOT-MPS Upholding Rule of Law within Democratic Policing
What is the Rule of Law – Additional Notes Police use of Force Police Public Partnership under Democratic Policing
Key Principles of Democratic Policing Human Rights Test Functions and Roles of Police in Democratic Policing
Democratic Policing Notes Application of Hard and Soft law in Policing Police TOT Raw data
PoliceTOT-S S O PART 8 Crime and Courts

 Promoting Public Budget Transparency and Accountability in Malawi – Training Manual
 English version zip file 24mb  Chichewa version zip file 32mb

Police Training of Trainers Videos


 Recent Resources
CVA infographic
Political Parties Bill insert 2 Mining Trade Review MAY 2016 Communique Mining & Trade Review MAY 2016 Electronic copy
PEA-of-Accountability-for-Resources-in-Local-Government-Councils-PV-111215 Proof Point_Participatory Development_FINAL Mining Review FEBRUARY 2016 page 7-10

Older Resources
 What is Political Economy Analysis chiweza 22.5.2012  wb_pea_on_decentralization  WB (2011) PE assessments at sector and project level
 The Tilitonse Theory of Change Chiweza 27.2.2013  Practical Application of Political economy Anlaysis  Political Economy An Introduction for Practitioners[1]
 Political Economy Analysis WASH  PEA Bibliography  PEA Group Induction
 PEA Accelerated Grantees Training Programme OPM_DF_political economy analysis  DP 124 Water gov Kenya_final  DFID Malawi PEAA 05-07 Dec 2012
 Conducting Political Economy Analysis chiweza 27.2.2012  883__informal-institutions  1 What is political economy analysis – an introductory text
 Tilitonse Theory of Change Diagram  Tilitonse General Open Call 2 Guidance Meeting  Mining Thematic Call Guidance Session Presentation
 M&E Thematic Call Guidance  Local Governance Theme Presentation  Introduction to the Thematic Call-Setting the Context for the Thematic Call
 The Political Economy of Local Governance in Malawi 2011  THE CONSTITUTION OF THE REPUBLIC OF MALAWI 1995  Local Government Amendment Bill 2010
 Local Government Act 1998  Joint Review of Decentralization in Malawi 2004  Electoral Commission Amendment Bill 2010
 Decentralization as a Breeding Ground for Conflicts-TAMBULASI  Decentralisation Policy 1998  A Review of the Malawi Decentralization Process 2010 Tilitonse-procurement-plan-template Tilitonse-procurement-plan-template
 Tilitonse Results Framework Template  Access to Information  Mining
 Local Governance  Thematic Call for Proposals