Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for all calls are included in the call for concept notes/proposals. The eligibility criteria may change between calls depending on the specifics of each individual call.   Tilitonse strives to ensure that all CSOs active in the areas of concern and that can contribute to the achievement of its result areas should be able to apply for funding. However, the following key criteria apply to all public calls:

All eligible organizations:

-Must be registered within Malawi; -Should have a governing or management board with a clear corporate governance structure; -May apply singularly, in a consortium of partners with one CSO leading, or as a network; -Individuals and unregistered organisations are not eligible to receive funding under the Grants Facility; -Potential grant partners must be able to supply audited accounts; this requirement may be waived for CBOs. -Tilitonse may introduce a cap at each call.  If a cap is used, eligible organisations are able to apply for funding up to the cap or  the amounts indicated above, whichever is the lowest. *International organizations must be registered in Malawi and in their ‘home’ countries with demonstrated well-founded partnerships with local CSOs.