Applying for a Grant

Provision of grants follows a competitive process and Tilitonse administers most of its grants through a number of funding ‘windows’. Currently there are three windows through which organizations may access funding from the facility: General Open Call; Thematic Call; and Strategic Opportunities. In addition to these windows,  Tilitonse introduced a special ‘one off’ window during the Inception Phase of the Programme to provide funding for accelerated grants to selected CSOs that already had the requisite capacity to implement one-year projects.

Calls for concept notes and/or proposals are published in the newspapers, on the Tilitonse website and in the electronic media (this is specifically for calls targeting district-based CSOs). For each funding window, specific guidelines are produced and made available to the public through the Tilitonse website and through the information sessions that are organized by the Secretariat once a funding window is open.

Grant Ceilings:

Tilitonse has three levels of grant ceilings for funding as follows;

  • Over £200,000
  • £20,000 – £200,000
  • Under £20,000

The grant process for the public calls varies between the categories to ensure that all potential and eligible organisations are able to apply and have access to the grants. Tilitonse ensures that organisations have the ability to manage and account for the funds received and to implement projects of the scale put forward in the submitted proposals. Overall, the Tilitonse Secretariat continually assesses the grantee’s absorptive capacity in order to determine the actual grant amounts. In addition, grant ceilings are based on the Due Diligence Appraisal undertaken following the submission and review of proposals. This appraisal of the applicant organisations assists the Secretariat to determine if prospective grant partners have the requisite capacities to manage the proposed budgets that have been submitted to Tilitonse. In some instances, Tilitonse may recommend a reduction in the proposed budget to the Board following the submission of the proposals for approval to the Board. Tilitonse shall fund projects for a maximum period of three years.