Life Concern Organisation (LICO)

Status: Closed

Project Title: Vyatose ‘For Us All’

Location: Paramount Chief Chikulamayembe, T/A Mwankhunikira and T/A Mwahenga, Rumphi

Grant Amount: 20,000.00

Project Duration: 15 months

The project is aimed at ensuring that the Rumphi District Council is accountable and transparent in the management of locally generated revenue.

Result areas:

  • enhanced interface between the district council secretariat, the finance and audit committee and the citizens;
  • strengthened capacity of the finance and audit committee of the council and the citizens to hold the secretariat accountable;
  • Increased community monitoring of the implementation of capital projects.

capacity of other structures such as revenue collectors, market committees and vendors to understand their roles and hold the council accountable enhanced.

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