Thematic Call Window

Issues identified as being the best ones for coalitions for change engagement are used for this window and are identified through the outcome of the General Open Call as well as informed by Political Economy Analysis (PEA).  Previous general open calls may also highlight that certain issues are seen as priorities for civil society. A list of issues raised in the General Open Call concept notes and PEA may highlight certain issues that are seen as priorities by Civil Society and these informs the identification of potential themes for this funding window. These issues pass through a series of filters against agreed criteria to establish their consistency with the Programme’s Theory of Change (ToC).

Once the issues are identified a public consultation meeting with selected participants with the required expertise is conducted to further filter the issues. It is around the selected issues that further PEA is conducted for an in-depth analysis of each issue. The intention is to yield more knowledge about the range of positive and negative change interests around each issue.  This information also assists the Secretariat to make an informed choice about the best issues to work with.


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