Community Based Organisations Window

This funding window was introduced to cater for the Community Based Organisations (CBOs) who in most cases failed to meet the evaluation criteria set for the other funding windows due to inadequate capacity to develop sound proposals. Tilitonse recognizes the high potential for delivering on its outcomes and impacts through CBOs. The Tilitonse Fund acknowledges that CBOs are potentially very effective agents of citizen voice and accountability as they are based in the community, are conversant with problems on the ground, have a demonstrated high volunteering spirit, and can deliver results within their well rooted constituency bases.

The window therefore targets interested and qualified community-based social movements, youth clubs, farmers associations, cooperative associations, faith-based organisations, private-sector associations, media organisations and traders associations, that are able to implement projects that contribute to the achievement of at least one of Tilitonse’s outputs. In order to give an opportunity to as many CBOs in Malawi as possible to access the fund, Tilitonse has developed a flexible and easy criteria for this window than is the case with other funding windows. Funding of up to £20,000 is provided for one year projects.


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