Concern Universal (Ended)

Status: Ended

Project Title: Enhancing Quality and Inclusive Public Services II (EQUIPS II) Dedza and Ntcheu

Location: Ntcheu, Dedza

Grant Amount: £172,430

Project Duration: 2 Years

End Date: 31st August, 2015

Project Goal:  To contribute towards improved governance that ensures increased inclusiveness, accountability and responsiveness in public service delivery.

Outcome: strengthened citizen voice in achieving more inclusive, accountable and responsive service delivery in Dedza and Ntcheu.

Result Areas:

  • Increased community and citizen’s understanding of their rights regarding service delivery and how basic service provided by the councils are resourced, planned and implemented.
  • Enhanced level of awareness of local officials and service providers on the policy framework relating to the rights and entitlements of citizens to basic services.
  • Improved dialogue and linkages between citizens and service providers.
  • Increased capacity of community members to monitor, demand and co-deliver services.
  • Ensuring accountable and inclusive management of Dzalanyama Forest.

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