Action Aid International Malawi (Cost Extended)

Status: Active

Partner Organization: Citizens for Justice (CFJ)

Project Title: Responsive Mining Governance for Equitable and Sustainable Development of Malawi

Location: Chitipa, Mzimba, Phalombe

Grant Amount: £320,844

Project Duration: 2 Years

End Date: 31st August, 2015

Goal: Promoting transparency and accountability in the extractive sector for equitable and sustainable development in Malawi.

Outcome: Improved collective action amongst CSO actors and communities for effective advocacy on accountability and transparency in the extractive industry in Malawi

Results Areas:

  • Improved collective action amongst CSOs to pursue advocacy on mining issues
  • Increased technical capacity of member civil society organizations on issues of mining
  • Increased capacity and voice of the poor communities especially women to influence decisions on issues of mining at community level

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