World Vision International (Cost Extension)

Status: Active

Partnerships: District Education Network (DEN), Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM), Forum for African Women Educationist (FAWEMA), Youth Network and Counselling (YONECO)

Project Title: Mankhambira Sambizga Mwana

Location: Nkhatabay

Grant Amount: £133,333

Project Duration: 2 years 2 Months

End Date: 31st December 2014

The project is aiming at facilitating street children’s access to basic education and vocational skills training to improve their chances of a sustainable livelihood and enable realization of their rights.

Results areas:

  • Capacity of CSOs to enable citizens, particularly poor and excluded group to claim their right to quality education services.
  • Access to information on rights, entitlements and responsibilities increased particularly for poor and excluded citizens
  • Strengthened engagement between public service providers, communities and community groups
  • Citizens monitoring policy and budget commitments, service delivery and public resource management

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