Water and Sanitation Network – WESNET (Ended)

Status: Ended

Project Title: Empowering communities for responsive communal water governance in Lilongwe peri – urban

Location: Lilongwe

Grant Amount: £75,068

Project Duration:  2 years 4 months

End Date: 28th February 2015

The Project intends to facilitate processes that will lead to more responsive and inclusive governance of the Communal Water Points. Through the community score card process, the project will pilot and showcase a participatory accountability system that empowers the peril-urban community members to monitor the WUAs in the delivery of services.

Result areas:

  • Functional community based participatory system for monitoring performance of the Water Users association in managing Water Points.
  • Improved capacity of the Water Users Associations through coordination and lesson sharing among themselves and all stakeholders involved.
  • Improved capacity of the water Users associations to assess and track performance of the Water Users Association and the Kiosk Management Unit.
  • Improved in responsiveness by the kiosk management unit in responding to queries.

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