Nkhadze Alive Youth Organisation (Ended)

Status: Ended

Project Title:  Enhancement of decision making capacity for youth at local level.

Location: Balaka

Grant Amount: £20,300

Project Duration: 2 years

End Date: 30th September 2014

This project will advocate for youth inclusion in decision-making process, planning and implementation in Balaka District.

Results area:

•Communities and Youth are aware of their rights and roles in and are empowered to participate in decision-making and in development activities and hold duty bearers accountable.

•Communities and Youth have knowledge and skills to demand service delivery/rights and influence change and or modification of laws, policies and practices that affect their lives.

•Communities, Youth and Marginalized access to legal counsel, assistance and referral services to institutions or individuals to redress violations.

•NAYORG staff have the required skills and capacity to effectively and efficiently implement the Tilitonse funded project.

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